An interactive online magazine, Lasalle-ialu Finance Portal has been a fixture in in the web for over a decade delivering the best financial advice to business companies and individual investors. Serving clients who are in dire need to solve their financial woes, positive reviews from all our past customers have been our driving force to continue our mission of providing guidance to greenhorns in the business industry.

With pronounced expertise and excellent education of our advisers, we prescribe effective and efficient formula that will ensure to bring you out of the financial crisis you are presently experiencing. From basic financial management strategies which include your day to day business operations to how you can properly oversee the handling of your budget, we aim to educate new business investors to be able to improve their business sense. We give extensive guides on how you can come up with logical and feasible business plans from your start-up plan, feasibility plan and internal plan to strategic plan and operations plan and ultimately your growth business plan.

Providing you detailed insights on bookkeeping, accounting and auditing that will empower you to understand more about the new endeavour you are up to, testimonies from our clients have been our proof of our competent and top-notch customer service.

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